Open concept or open air photo booth at the Bow Valley Club, Calgary

What is an Open Concept Photo Booth?

What do you mean by “Open Concept” photo booth? Traditionally, a photo booth is a small enclosed cubicle where you go in, sit on a chair and have your ID picture taken. Its designed to have only your head in the shot for a passport photo and the like. This has now been overhauled in the modern event photo booth concept. The enclosed structure is removed and replaced with an open-air photo booth.

Removing the fixed structure of a traditional photo booth unlocks its full potential in an event setting.

Open concept or open air photo booth at the Highwood Memorial Centre, High River Open concept or open air photo booth at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Calgary

Having an open concept photo booth mean you can fit more people in a picture, making family portraits and group shots possible. There’s more flexibility setting it up in your venue as you can make it fit in tight spaces, or look glorious in a spacious area. You are no longer limited to plain black backdrops or curtains so your event’s theme comes alive with a beautiful backdrop to match it. Withness as your guests have fun while taking their photos because they are not closed-off in a tent Fun and laughter from the photo booth spreads throughout your party, transforming it from a lame event to an awesome one! People will let loose and enjoy doing outrageous kinds of poses.

Open concept or open air photo booth in Calgary Open concept or open air photo booth in Calgary

So what is it, exactly? We essentially setup a professional photography studio in your event – using high-power studio flash strobe lighting, a DSLR camera, photography-grade backdrops, and a super-fast photo printer.

So how many people can we fit in our photo booth? There’s no exact science to measure that, but our record stands at 20 people – with room for more!

Most number of people in the photo booth is 20 (Behind the scenes at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Calgary) Record for most people in the booth is 20!