How does it work?

  • SECOND: We arrive in your venue

    Two of us will arrive at your event 1 hour early – plenty of time to get ready and make everything look awesome for your party!

  • THIRD: Its showtime!

    The on-site attendants will guide everyone in taking their photos for non-stop action.

How does the photo booth work?

Here’s what happens during the actual event:

  • Step 1

    Enter the photo booth through gold posts and red velvet rope and select your props!

  • Step 2 - Touch

    Get in front of the camera and tap the screen to choose your photo layout from 2 designs

  • Step 3 - Pose

    Tap start, pose and say cheese! The camera takes shots automatically after 5 second countdown

  • Step 4 - Print

    Instantly get your printout in 10 seconds!