Frequently Asked Questions (F. A. Q.)

10 x 10 feet space is ideal for a true red carpet experience. We can fit in smaller spaces if the area is limited in the venue, even as small as 5 x 5 feet, but we have to minimize the booth and lose the Hollywood feel a little by making the backdrop smaller, remove the stanchions, or have a smaller prop table.

We only require 2 things in the place where you want us to set up the photo booth. (1) a power outlet nearby, and (2) a table to put the props in.

The power source should be within 10 meters so we can plug-in the photo booth.

We arrive 1 hour before the start time to allot ample time for setup and testing to make sure it looks awesome.

Yes! You can definitely provide your own custom background and we will hang it up using our background stands. Ideal size is 9 x 9 feet for a true red carpet experience. The maximum size is 10 feet wide and 13.5 feet tall, while the smallest is 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall.

Preferably, the material should be matte / non-reflective (definitely not glossy!), so as not to produce glare from the flash.

Yes we do! Some venues require liability insurance for all the vendors. We can provide the insurance certificate for a $70 fee.

Fill out our booking form to inquire if your date is still available. Most probably it is, but some dates book fast especially Saturday events. We will do our best to accommodate your event!

There’s at least one on-site technician (usually two!) the entire time for set-up and tear-down. We will also guide your guests throughout the event. We assist with people using the photo booth and make sure things go smoothly in case of any technical difficulties. Our work is not only on the day itself since we will be working with you prior on the design of your custom layouts.

Tap the screen and the count down starts before it takes a photo. It’s automatic! Our intuitive touch screen interface is so easy to use even your grandma will have fun using it! We usually do it for you so you will just concentrate in looking good in front of the camera.

Upon entering, you will see the welcome screen showing two photo booth layouts to choose from. Tap your choice and a live view will pop-up where you can see yourself before taking a picture. When you are good to go, tap “Start” to begin. There is a 5-second count down before it takes a shot. It takes the picture, and you will see a preview of the shot. If it there is another picture in the layout, it will automatically do another 5-second countdown and it takes the shot. When it’s done, it spits out a photo in 10 seconds.