Welcome screen for the photo booth

Design Process for Photo Booth Layouts

How do we make those gorgeous photo booth layouts? One of the best things we can say about our photo booth service that sets us apart from other photo booth companies, is the effort that we put into making your layout designs. We want you to fall in love with your custom layout design, and we work hard to create something that is both beautiful and personalized to fit your event theme.

So, how do we go about doing that? This is the next step after booking us. We will guide you through this so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything! We begin by asking you a few questions, such as:

  1. Have you chosen a backdrop from our collection?
  2. What is the theme of your event? Tell us the colors scheme.
  3. What is the motif of your event? Give us the design or graphic that is the main motif of your theme, for example: floral, hearts, damask pattern, modern and edgy, luxurious, Hollywood glam, Mickey Mouse theme, nautical, etc.
  4. Is it a formal/elegant event or a fun/informal one?
  5. Do you have an invitation design that we can get inspiration from?
  6. Would you like to include a graphic image such as your prenuptial/portrait photos, or a logo design that you already have?
  7. What are the wordings that you would like to put in the design?

We shall feature a recent event that we had which was an 18th Birthday Party for a lovely débutante. Yellow was the main color theme with hits of peach and gold, with an elegant floral motif. The event was strictly formal and held at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Hall. Champagne Gold Gatsby on White was the chosen backdrop. She also provided us with a copy of her invitation showing the kind of flowers that was the motif for her event, which we identified as chrysanthemum flowers. She provided us with portrait photos taken by our good friends from Profolio Photography.


Initially we were given 1 image from the photo shoot and we cleaned up the background and added a floral border. We created an initial design consisting of this image. After sending it to her for critique, we created a second design based from the changes that she wanted. A new photo was sent, and a cleaner look was achieved by removing the floral garland. Once the design was finalized, we worked on the second layout.


The client was happy with the final design! We give ourselves a pat on the back and proceed with the welcome and thank you screens using the same graphic elements for a personalized look. We source all our graphics legitimately from royalty-free stock images, such as iStockphoto. Yes, we spend $$$ to obtain high quality and legitimate artwork for your photo booth layout design. We don’t steal pictures from the internet! Be assured that this is at NO EXTRA COST to you, our client.


The welcome and thank you screens:


The final output from the event, and some highlight photos (head on to the online gallery for more!):