Before the pandemic, we are already implementing non-contact in taking photos to print. Our attendant is the only person touching the screen. The only contact is sharing the photos to their email because multiple guests need to type their information using our sharing kiosk.

In order to eliminate multiple people from touching the sharing screen, we’ve implemented a 100% contact-free solution.

Here’s the video:

The fastest and safest way for guests to interact and share images from the photo booth. Guests simply register their details online (you can try it here: using any browser or any device as long as they have an internet connection. The unique qr code can be used on the entire event.

For event activation, we can embed the QR code generator to a custom URL (sample: or a new domain (sample: or .com).

Custom forms like disclaimer and Opt-in to a newsletter are optional customization for corporate clients.

For large conferences, concerts, or anything else, we can generate and print the qr code in badges. When the guests arrive at the registration booth, we can just hand them their badges.

All the data is secured and servers are located in Calgary.

See you at the next event and let’s party.