We’re Now Accepting Credit Card Payments!

As art of our paperless initiative, we are now accepting credit card payments! We’re trying to saving trees by and doing away with scanning and signing paper contracts. We understand that not all people have fax machines and scanners to email us documents. We’re now moving to the digital age and moving forward, we are now implementing electronic-signing for new bookings. We thank you all for your patience as we pilot this new system of doing business and feedback has been great so far! Credit cards are processed online using the Stripe payment facility which is secure. We do not have access nor keep records of your credit card information.

Cash, cheque, and Interact e-mail money transfers are still accepted!

Green Screen Photo Booth at the Calgary Marathon

Sangeet Pre-Wedding at The Magnolia

We were at The Magnolia events venue for a Sangeet Pre-Wedding party! It was an amazing experience for us as we get to witness how weddings are done in other cultures. It was beautiful, colorful, and the people were all great and boy did they know how to party all night long! Families from both the bride and groom’s side all came together, with all the kids, teens, adults and oldies under one big roof. The photobooth was running non-stop and even the seniors joined in on the fun!



The theme was Moroccan and had a bold color scheme of hotpink, purple and lime green. We incorporated mehndi / henna design elements into the photo booth layout to reflect their culture. Here are some highlights from the event, and if you want to see more, head on over to their online gallery!


Xpressbooth Goes to Brooks, AB

We are based in Calgary, but we can travel to locations outside the city. Our photo booth has been to Edmonton, High River, Priddis, Banff, Canmore, and more recently, Brooks, AB! It was our first time in this lovely town to celebrate a Christening.

The client requested a floral design made of white lilies and we created a clean look with a white blackground and lace borders. We incorporated the baby’s photo as well. Blue and white stripes backdrop was used for a heavenly feel.

Here are some highlights from the event, and head on over to the online gallery for a complete set of photos!

Design Process for Photo Booth Layouts

How do we make those gorgeous photo booth layouts? One of the best things we can say about our photo booth service that sets us apart from other photo booth companies, is the effort that we put into making your layout designs. We want you to fall in love with your custom layout design, and we work hard to create something that is both beautiful and personalized to fit your event theme.

So, how do we go about doing that? This is the next step after booking us. We will guide you through this so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything! We begin by asking you a few questions, such as:

  1. Have you chosen a backdrop from our collection?
  2. What is the theme of your event? Tell us the colors scheme.
  3. What is the motif of your event? Give us the design or graphic that is the main motif of your theme, for example: floral, hearts, damask pattern, modern and edgy, luxurious, Hollywood glam, Mickey Mouse theme, nautical, etc.
  4. Is it a formal/elegant event or a fun/informal one?
  5. Do you have an invitation design that we can get inspiration from?
  6. Would you like to include a graphic image such as your prenuptial/portrait photos, or a logo design that you already have?
  7. What are the wordings that you would like to put in the design?

We shall feature a recent event that we had which was an 18th Birthday Party for a lovely débutante. Yellow was the main color theme with hits of peach and gold, with an elegant floral motif. The event was strictly formal and held at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Hall. Champagne Gold Gatsby on White was the chosen backdrop. She also provided us with a copy of her invitation showing the kind of flowers that was the motif for her event, which we identified as chrysanthemum flowers. She provided us with portrait photos taken by our good friends from Profolio Photography.


Initially we were given 1 image from the photo shoot and we cleaned up the background and added a floral border. We created an initial design consisting of this image. After sending it to her for critique, we created a second design based from the changes that she wanted. A new photo was sent, and a cleaner look was achieved by removing the floral garland. Once the design was finalized, we worked on the second layout.


The client was happy with the final design! We give ourselves a pat on the back and proceed with the welcome and thank you screens using the same graphic elements for a personalized look. We source all our graphics legitimately from royalty-free stock images, such as iStockphoto. Yes, we spend $$$ to obtain high quality and legitimate artwork for your photo booth layout design. We don’t steal pictures from the internet! Be assured that this is at NO EXTRA COST to you, our client.


The welcome and thank you screens:


The final output from the event, and some highlight photos (head on to the online gallery for more!):

Back and Red Photo Booth Design

A glamorous black and red themed party was thrown for Madeline’s 50th birthday. It was held at the Killarney Glengarry Community Hall, in Southwest Calgary. It was our first time to use the Pewter, Copper & Silver Glitter Ombre backdrop and it looked glorious! The bold colors really popped out and blended well with the overall theme. The brass stanchions with red velvet rope not only served as crowd control, it created a beautiful setup that made people feel like they are in a Hollywood red carpet setting!

We designed the layout in edgy, modern and elegant elements in black and red to reflect the theme as well as the bubbly personality of the celebrant – who is a very wonderful lady! Both kids and adults had such fun times in the photo booth. Check out all their photos in their online photo booth gallery!

Black and White Wedding in Teatro

We kicked-off fall with a wedding at the Teatro, a fine-dining restaurant in Downtown Calgary! The wedding theme was black and silver with touches of light pink/blush, an elegant combination for a formal affair. The venue provided a beautiful setting oozing with class and sophistication. The backdrop used for the photobooth was a glittery black and silver ombre backdrop which was perfect for the theme.

It was a tight squeeze for the photo booth at a corner in the venue but we pulled it off!

It was a late call time for us to set up the photo booth for partying all night long till way past midnight. At the end of evening, we turned the photo booth around to take shots of everyone who stayed. Everyone had fun as evident in some highlights from the event below:

Wind Mobile Corporate Party

We rock corporate parties! We have been chosen time and again by Wind Mobile to provide the photo booth for their employee social events in Calgary. It is our 3rd event for them, and our first time to set up at the National on 10th. We are super honored and thankful for their trust, and for the people at the party for being awesome and fun!

To celebrate the end of summer, the backdrop they used was Mint confetti on white. It added a whimsical element to the design which is their usual orange layout with just their logo. Mint confetti also loks like falling snow, a reminder that winter is coming soon!

2014 is about to wrap up with company holiday parties and we are gearing up for yet another busy month. For now, here are some highlights from the event. It is also the first time to use some of our new photo booth props and signs!

Double Celebration with 2 Photo Booth Layouts

Having a double celebration? We have the perfect solution without having to rent 2 separate photo booths! In one of our past events, an 18th Birthday debut and a 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary was celebrated in 1 big party. Xpressbooth provided layout designs for both events – at no extra cost!

We created a custom welcome screen where guests can choose from either layout design – one for the Silver Wedding Anniversary of the parents, and another for the 18th Birthday party of their daughter. A single backdrop was of silver and gray provided a neutral and elegant background that blended well for both themes – silver and teal blue. We incorporated pictures they provided, and created the logos as well.

The Glenmore Inn & Convention Centre in Calgary was packed with guests for both events, and the photo booth kept them entertained all night long. Check out their photos at the online gallery. Here are some highlights from the party:

Hollywood-style Photobooth

Here is a glimpse of our elegant Hollywood-look photobooth! At Larry & Jenny’s wedding, guests were greeted red carpet-style with our brass stanchions with red velvet rope. This is how we setup the photo booth in your venue and is included in our packages. We transformed the spacious open area for receiving guests into a stylish and glamorous gala night.

With over 300 guests passing through the door, the posts also served as crowd control to organize the line-up that tends to form with a large wedding such as this. Not only does it look good, it serves a purpose as well. Everyone formed a neat queue as they wait for their turn in the photo booth and they get to browse through some fun props along the way!

Elegant Photobooth Reception Area

Elegant Photobooth Reception Area

Brass stanchions and Red Velvet rope Photo booth

Brass stanchions and Red Velvet rope Photo booth

Crowd control Hollywood-style

Crowd control Hollywood-style

Here are some highlights from the event, which was held at the Regency Palace in Calgary:

Fun with superhero masks! silver sequins backdrop photobooth

Fun with superhero masks! silver sequins backdrop photobooth

Groom being carried by groomsmen

Groom being carried by groomsmen

Bridal party in purple

Bridal party in purple

Bridal party in purple

Bridal party in purple

Photo booth props moustaches and couple's photos

Photo booth props moustaches and couple’s photos

Fun wedding photobooth with purple and silver design

Fun wedding photobooth with purple and silver design